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The Duval County Medical Society offers a variety of ways for you to serve the organization and your community. Our committee opportunities range from peer reviewing and editing the Northeast Florida Medicine journal to reviewing and recommending proposed changes to the DCMS Bylaws.


Beals & Shahin Awards Committee:

  • Reviews entries by DCMS members of medical articles they have published in the past year to determine the winners of the annual John A. Beals’ Awards
  • Presents the John A. Beals Award for Original Investigation annually, and has the option of presenting a John A. Beals Award in the categories of Clinical Observation and History of Medicine/Miscellaneous
  • Also reviews articles written by DCMS members in training to determine winners of the annual G. Shahin Awards
  • All committee work is web-based and occurs during the months of June through September

Bylaws Committee:

  • Reviews and recommends proposed changes to the DCMS Bylaws to the DCMS Board of Directors, who in turn recommends the changes to the DCMS Membership for ratification
  • Meets as needed

Committee on Ethical & Judicial Affairs (CEJA):

  • Responsible for study and action on all alleged misconduct and ethical offenses involving DCMS members

Journal & Communications Committee (JCC): 

  • Serves as the editorial board of Northeast Florida Medicine, a medical journal published by the DCMS Foundation on behalf of the Medical Societies of Duval, Clay and Nassau Counties
  • Oversees the production of the Duval County Medical Society Directory
  • Secures CME credit for scientific articles published in the journal, when appropriate

Membership Committee: 

  • Serves to help improve the value of membership in the Duval County Medical Society
  • Addresses member recruitment and retention
  • Meets as needed

Nominating Committee: 

  • Per DCMS Bylaws, the Nominating Committee shall convene at least 60 days prior to the DCMS Annual Meeting and select a candidate for the offices of President-Elect, Vice President(s), Secretary, and Treasurer, and each vacancy on the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee’s Report (e.g., slate) shall be reported to the membership at least one month prior to the Annual Meeting
  • The Nominating Committee shall make certain the nominees will serve, if elected

Northeast Florida Legislative Committee: 

  • Responsible for evaluating and advising the DCMS on legislative issues
  • Consists of members interested in legislative issues and physicians who serve as key contacts for legislators.
  • Committee members visit legislators locally, and in Tallahassee during the legislative session, to discuss the FMA’s legislative agenda
  • Committee members also interview candidates for state legislative offices during election cycles

Program Steering Committee: 

  • Responsible for guiding content for Duval County Medical Society monthly meetings and special programs.
  • Meets as necessary.

Public Health Committee: 

  • Supports the Department of Health in Duval County (DOH-Duval) and its mission.
  • Works with DOH-Duval to provide up-to-date information to Duval County physicians and promote effective local medical emergency preparedness, response and coordination with local agencies (e.g., DOH-Duval and COJ Emergency Preparedness Division) and physicians in the community.
  • Works with DOH-Duval to help recruit & educate physicians for the Duval Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), and with We Care Jacksonville to help recruit specialists for We Care.
  • Coordinates DCMS volunteer participation in public health-related community boards/committees.

Residents' Committee:

  • Advises the DCMS Board of Directors on activities and initiatives that impact the medical residents in Northeast Florida

2016 Beals & Shahin Committee: 

Joseph Tepas, MD, Chair
Susan Greco, MD, Vice Chair
John M. Crump, MD
Rui P. Fernandes, MD
Mark L. Hudak, MD
Alan R. Marks, MD
Ayesha Mirza, MD


2016 Bylaws Committee: 

Robert C. Nuss, MD, Chair
Wendell H. Williams, Jr., MD, Vice Chair
Tra'Chella Johnson Foy, MD
Ashley Booth Norse, MD
Daniel Wohl, MD


2016 Committee on Ethical & Judicial Affairs:

Glenn W. Knox, MD, Chair
Raed Assar, MD, Vice Chair
Rebecca Cooper, MD
Mark Fleisher, MD
Fawad Khawaja, MD
Steven Mathews, MD
Dang-Khoa Vo, MD

2016 Journal & Communications Committee:

Ruple Galani, MD, Chair
James Altomare, MD
Shelly Bansal, MD
Megan Deacon-Casey, MD
Ali Kasraeian, MD
John Long, MD
Amy Pollak, MD
John Stauffer, MD
James St. George, MD

2016 Membership Committee:

James St. George, MD, Chair
Patrick DeMarco, MD
Mark Dobbertien, MD
Tra'Chella Johnson Foy, MD
Joan Harmon

2016 Nominating Committee:

Raed Assar, MD, Chair
James Altomare, MD
Linda Edwards, MD
Ruple Galani, MD
Floyd Willis, MD
Ex-Officio: Tra'Chella Johnson Foy, MD
Ex-Officio: Sunil Joshi, MD

2016 Legislative Committee:

Ruple Galani, MD, Chair
Ashley Booth Norse, MD, Vice Chair
Elizabeth DeVos, MD
Meridith J. Farrow, MD
Ali Kasraeian, MD
Yazan Khatib, MD
Jason D. Meier, MD
Nitesh N. Paryani, MD
A. Allen Seals, MD

2016 Program Steering Committee:

William Palmer, MD, Chair
Raed Assar, MD
Bethany Atkins, MD
Stephen Silberman, MD

2016 Public Health Committee:

Stephen E. Mandia, MD, Chair
Arthur Browning, MD, Vice Chair
Iris Eisenberg, MD
John Gary Evans, MD
Robert Harmon, MD
Mike Mass, MD
Joseph McQuade, MD
Iman Naseri, MD
Mobeen Rathore, MD
Joseph Sabato, MD

2016 Residents' Committee:

Bashar Al-Turk, MD
David El Hassan, MD
Kelly Gassie, MD, Vice Chair
Christopher Lamb, MD
Robert Mannel, MD
Robert Palmer, MD
Sally Tran, MD

Interested in Serving?

Please don't hesitate to contact the DCMS Office should you be interested in serving on a committee. You can email us at or call us at 904-355-6561.