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The Duval County Medical Society Foundation serves to improve the health of North Florida by furthering community health education, enhancing health safety net organizations and supporting health professionals and their families.

The DCMS Foundation was established by the Duval County Medical Society in 1959. It is a nonprofit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization supported by the North Florida community and by the Duval County Medical Society - a professional association that began in 1853 and has nearly 2,000 physicians.


The Foundation has embarked on the Mission First Campaign to Improve Health on Florida’s First Coast through three initiatives: 904 Mission One Million, the Physician Wellness Program and the Future of Healthcare Conference.

A Campaign for Mission First:

Increased philanthropy through the campaign, Mission First, will advance the following initiatives: 904 Mission One Million (M1M), Physician Wellness Program and the Future of Healthcare Conference.


904 Mission One Million:

904 M1M is a movement founded by the DCMS Foundation and co-chaired by City of Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry and DCMSF President Dr. Sunil Joshi. M1M is a challenge to the people living in the 904 area code to lose one million pounds over the next few years!  The Foundation recognizes that our metropolitan area delivers a great deal of healthcare—over $1 billion in 2016—yet, Duval County ranks near the bottom at 48 out of 67 Florida counties for the health of our community, and obesity is a prime cause for our poor health outcomes. M1M was launched on April 7, 2016 when Mayor Curry included M1M in his new campaign for a healthier community and continues even stronger into the 2017 year.


Future of Healthcare Conference:

What’s on the horizon for healthcare? The DCMS Foundation is poised to lead this discussion by establishing an annual conference focused on identifying national and local trends, addressing challenges, and offering strategies for the future of healthcare for our region. National thought leaders in medicine, medical research, business, public policy, technology, and other fields will be invited to address the annual conference. Our goal is to encourage the emergence of strategic, thinking and important solutions for our pressing community health problems. Critical topics will include the addressing the current health of Duval County:  how national trends can influence local trends, which specific discussion surrounding disparities, access to care, mental health, obesity/diabetes, infant mortality, food deserts, advocacy, etc. We hope the annual Future of Healthcare Conference will become a clearinghouse for thoughtful, intellectual discussions.  The Inaugural Conference will be held May 22-23, 2017, at UNF.  Judged poster symposium to be held.  Exhibition hall to be included.  CME awarded.

Physician Wellness Program:

A new Physicians Wellness Program will provide support and resources for DCMS members to receive counseling and coaching services as needed. There is national recognition that mental health risks have increased significantly among healthcare workers. This may lead to lower levels of patient care, more medical errors, and higher rates of staff turnover, disruptive behavior, substance abuse, and even suicide. The purpose of the program is to enhance the well-being of DCMS members by extending confidential counseling services in private and safe places. In addition to counseling during non-work hours, a 24/7 support line is maintained with consideration for the unique challenges faced by individuals in these professions.

Research consistently shows that an average of one in three doctors suffers from symptomatic burnout on any given office day—worldwide, regardless of specialty. Some surveys show burnout rates over 70 percent. Physician burnout and its complications are the number one threat to a physician’s medical career. Yet, all healthcare professionals experience similar workplace stressors—doctors, APPs, nurses, allied health workers and even hospital administrators are all at risk.


2017 Foundation Officers & Board of Directors:


President: Sunil Joshi, MD

Vice President: Ashley Norse, MD


Board of Directors:

Mr. Doug Baer

Mr. Richard Brock

Solomon Brotman, DDS

Alan Harmon, MD

Ms. Mia Jones

Kelli Wells, MD

Todd Sack, MD, IPP

Want More Information?

Please do not hesitate to contact the DCMS office for information about the DCMS Foundation. You can call us at 904-355-6561 or send an email to Tammy Chaney, Director of Foundation Operations at