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LifeBridge: Confidential Physician Wellness

Monday, July 23, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: DCMS
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By Bryan Campbell, DCMS Chief Executive Officer


Physicians have the highest rate of suicide among all professions in the United States.

It’s important to let that fact be set aside and resonate. How is it that the profession that is dedicated to improving quality of life and saving lives can also be stricken with an epidemic of stress and burnout?

The most recent Medscape Lifestyle Report indicated the following as the most prominent causes for stress among physicians:

1.      Too many bureaucratic tasks

2.      Spending too many hours at work

3.      Feeling like just a cog in a wheel

4.      Increased computerization of practice

5.      Income not high enough

As you can see, all of those top five issues deal with external pressures and changes on the medical field. Physicians love to care for their patients, they don’t love it when a torrent of external factors makes it difficult or impossible to do so in the way they were trained.

More than half of all physicians report signs of burnout. That number is growing rapidly, increasing by more than 10% in just four years.

As a result, a number of resources have been created to address physician wellness, including mindfulness seminars, yoga classes, and more. Unfortunately, physicians have been reticent to seek the type of professional care they need to address their signs of stress or burnout.

Until now.

Introducing LifeBridge: Confidential Physician Wellness. LifeBridge is provided to all members of the Duval County Medical Society via the DCMS Foundation. LifeBridge is a safe and confidential program to help get you back to feeling like yourself.

·         LifeBridge is like no other physician wellness program out there. The service provides up to six free in-person sessions with a counselor to discuss any issue which is causing you stress or burnout. It doesn’t matter if it’s a troublesome co-worker, marital issues, or difficulty dealing with a bad outcome. You get the help of a licensed professional at no charge to the physician.

·         LifeBridge does NOT create a medical record. Unfortunately, physicians have expressed concern that seeking appropriate help from a mental health professional will create a medical record and could impact their licensure. LifeBridge has been designed in conjunction with the Florida Board of Medicine specifically to be a pre-clinical program that does not create a medical record.

·         LifeBridge is completely confidential. From the moment you call our LifeBridge Hotline, your personal information is protected. Only your counselor will know your personal information, so it can never be reported to the DCMS, your employer, or any other group.

·         LifeBridge has a diverse panel of counselors who have committed to making themselves available for an appointment within 24 hours of your call to the wellness line. They are specially trained to work with physicians, and have confidential office space located across the metropolitan area.

LifeBridge is the path to get you back to the life you want to be living. I encourage you to write down the number, even if you don’t need it today. You may have a friend or colleague who needs it now or in the future.


How to access LifeBridge: