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2020 Beals & Shahin Award Entries

The DCMS annually recognizes excellence in research published by its members and by residents in training in Jacksonville post graduate medical education programs.

The John A. Beals' Award for Medical Research was started by Dr. John Beals to recognize outstanding research and publications by members of the DCMS. The articles submitted are judged for quality of methods and study design, writing style and data presentation, new ideas and information presented, and overall quality. Awards are given in the areas of: 

• Original Investigation – Plaque and $300 check
• Clinical Observation – Plaque
• Review – Plaque

The G. Shahin Award was established in 1995 by Dr. Shahla Masood in honor of her mother, Ghadireh Shahin. It recognizes excellence in published research by a resident or fellow performed during training in Duval County, with the research being done while training. Awards are given in the areas of: 

• Original Investigation – Plaque and $250 check 
• Clinical Observation – Plaque
• Review - Plaque


Please read the following guidelines before making a submission!

Any member of Duval County Medical Society, in good standing, who is a paid member for at least 90 days prior to the award deadline, is eligible to submit articles for the Beals or Shahin Awards. 

• Only non-Trainees members are eligible for Beals Award.

• Only Trainees members are eligible for Shahin Award.

All work (including research) on the submitted article must have been done while living or working in Duval County. Papers that detail clinical findings in one or more specific patients (multi-center trials, clinical observations, case reports) are eligible if (1) a subset of patients lived in Duval County at the time of data capture, or (2) the author was the principal investigator of a study that enrolled patients in Duval and/or other surrounding counties.

• Work must be published in a peer-reviewed journal indexed on MEDLINE/Pubmed.

• The article that is submitted for an award must be published in the preceding calendar year. (2019) 

• Articles published in both electronic and print journals are eligible for consideration. 

• An article is eligible only ONCE for consideration whether it was submitted first after electronic or print version and whether it wins or not after the first submission.

• Each award will be in three categories: 
- Original Investigation (OI) 
- Review (R) 
- Clinical Observation/Case Series/Case Report (CO) 

• A member can submit only one article in each category

Entry Period to begin on May 26, 2020
Entry Period to end July 24, 2020