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CME Requirements

The Florida Board of Medicine and the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine are charged with determining the number of continuing medical education (CME) hours required for licensure and re-licensure in Florida. Some CME hours are mandatory topics that must be completed during each two year licensure term. Mandatory topics include Prevention of Medical Errors, Domestic Violence and HIV/AIDS.




MD Licensure Renewal (40 total/38 general CME hours)


Half of Florida allopathic licenses (MD) expire January 31st of every even numbered year and the other half expire January 31st of every odd numbered year.

Licensed medical doctors are renewed by the department in two groups:

Group 1 – current license will expire at midnight, Eastern Time, January 31, 2020

Group 2 – current license will expire at midnight, Eastern Time, January 31, 2021


All physicians initially licensed within the biennium are exempt from the CME requirements for renewal except:

  •  Two (2) hours of prevention of medical errors
  • One (1) hour of HIV/AIDS


Continuing Education (CME) Requirements:


  • Two credit hours on Prevention of Medical Errors - course must include information regarding the 5 most mis-diagnosed conditions, in accordance with Rule 64B8-13.005, F.A.C.
  • Two credit hours of Domestic Violence required every third biennium (every six years) - included in the 40 general
  • Two credit hours on Controlled Substance Prescribing (Required for medical doctors who are registered with the United States DEA)

Helpful Information:

  •  Up to five credit hours per six biennium may be fulfilled by performing pro bono medical services for an entity serving the indigent or under-served populations, or in areas of critical need within the state of Florida.
  • Three to six credit hours may be fulfilled by serving as a monitor
  • Up to five credit hours may be fulfilled by any volunteer expert witness who is providing expert witness opinions for cases being reviewed pursuant to Chapter 458 or 468, F.S. in the area of risk management for each case reviewed up to a maximum of 15 hours per biennium.
  • Five credit hours in risk management or medical ethics may be obtained by attending one full day, or eight hours, whichever is more, of disciplinary hearings at a regular meeting of the Board of Medicine. (Must sign with the Executive Director of the Board before the meeting begins, remain in continuous attendance, and sign out with the Executive Director at the end of the day.)

 The Domestic Violence course must be approved by any state or federal government agency, or nationally affiliated professional association, or any provider of Category I or II American Medical Association Continuing Education. Home study courses approved by one of these entities are acceptable. The Prevention of Medical Error course must be approved by any state or federal government agency, or nationally affiliated professional association, or any provider of Category I or II American Medical Association Continuing Education. One hour of a two hour course which is provided by a facility licensed under Chapter 395, Florida Statutes, for its employees may be used to partially meet this requirement. Board approved courses for Controlled Substance Prescribing can be found by clicking here.

Exceptions: There are exemptions available for military, volunteer health services, being a member of the Florida Legislature. To see if you qualify for an exemption, click here.

DO Licensure Renewal

All osteopathic licenses (DO) expire March 31st of every even numbered year. Current licenses expire at midnight, Eastern Time, on March 31, 2020. 

Each physician must complete a total of 40 credit hours of CME, 20 of which must be AOA Category 1-A. Included in the 40 hours, there are five mandatory hours required for Florida re-licensure (each period) and cannot be taken by correspondence. The following must be LIVE, PARTICIPATORY credits:

  • 2 hours of Prevention of Medical Errors
  •  1 hour of Florida Laws & Rules/Professional & Medical Ethics 

The following course does not have to be live:

  •  2 hours of Prescribing Controlled Substances (This requirement only applies to licensees registered with the DEA and authorized to prescribe controlled substances)

In addition to the above hours, licensees are required to take two hours of Domestic Violence every third renewal period. This may be taken by correspondence.

Requirements for First Time Renewal:

  • In addition to the above required hours, licensees must also complete a 1 hour HIV/AIDS course for the first renewal.
  • NOTE: Osteopathic Physicians licensed after July 1 of the second year of the biennium (odd year), are only required to complete the HIV/AIDS, Florida Laws and Rules, Professional & Medical Ethics, Federal & State Laws Related to the Prescribing of Controlled Substances and Prevention of Medical Errors courses.

Board Rule Approved Providers:

  • Florida Board approved courses can be found at
  • American Osteopathic Association
  • American Medical Association
  • Floirda Osteopathic Association

Other Methods of Obtaining Continuing Edication per Biennium: Please see rule 64B15-13, F.A.C. for additional methods for obtaining CME credit

Helpful Information:

  • Of the 15 general hours, only 8 can be home study
  • Certain members of the Armed Forces can obtain all hours via home study (see rule)


Converting to a Limited License

If you are a physician considering retirement, but are not ready to give up the practice of medicine, you may be questioning your options.  Placing your license in retirement status prohibits you from practicing medicine in any form, but there is another option. Physicians have the opportunity to convert their full medical license to a limited license, in order to practice on a volunteer basis. Physicians with limited licenses who are working without compensation are not required to pay renewal fees.  Limited licenses, however, are restricted to areas of critical need. A list of approved Area of Critical Need facilities can be found on our website.

To convert a full medical license to a limited license for the purpose of volunteering, physicians must do the following:

  • Submit a written statement declaring their intention to convert their license.
  • Submit a letter from the employing agency or facility stating no compensation will be received for their services. If the physician will not be immediately employed, he or she will need to state this in their written request to convert their license.

The cost for converting a full medical license to a limited license for the purpose of volunteering will be waived, unless the license is delinquent, in which case the physician must pay a fee of $25. More information about limited licenses can be found in s. 458.317, F.S.

Limited License information last updated by Florida Board of Medicine on February 24, 2014