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FluVaxJax Campaign


A community campaign, led by the DCMS Foundation, to increase flu vaccinations on the First Coast.


Our primary goal is to minimize the overburdening of our hospitals this flu season, when another COVID-19 surge is possible. Educating the public on flu vaccine benefits is a key part of our preventive strategy.

Understanding the benefits of flu vaccination will help you make an informed decision. Our fact sheets are available in English and Spanish.

Flu vaccinations are available across the First Coast. Click here to find a local physician, pharmacy, or flu event near you.

#FluVaxJax has partnered with local media to spread the important message about flu vaccinations. Click here for news stories about the campaign.

There’s room for everyone to sponsor the #FluVaxJax campaign, from individuals to large organizations. Click here for information on our sponsorship opportunities.

Thank you to our #FluVaxJax Partners for making this campaign possible, and for doing your part to improve healthcare in Northeast Florida!