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DCMS/Navy Dinner Awards Past Winners

Admiral Paul Kaufman Award Past Winners

The Admiral Kaufman Award is intended to honor a local physician or health care professional who delivers Outstanding Community Service to our beneficiaries and staff.

2019  F. Huson Gilberstadt, MD
2018  Lisa Jones, MD
2017  Thomas Keith, PharmD
2016  Joseph Tepas, MD
2015  Tom Davis, MD
2014  Eli N. Lerner, MD
2013  Yank Coble, MD
2012  Linda Sylvester, MD
2011  Tom Davis, MD
2010  Mr. Jay Millson
2009  Theresa Isaac, RN, BSN
2008  Joel Stone, MD
2007  Martin M. Zenni II, MD
2006  Lee Hunter, MD
2005  John Wells, MD
2004  Emmet Ferguson, MD


Circle of Excellence Award Past Winners

The Circle of Excellence Award recognizes outstanding service to the medical staff by a Naval Hospital Jacksonville civilian staff member.

2019  Carola Miner, RN
2018  Alexandra Vance, PharmD
2017  Ms. Tammy Cason
2016  Ms. Diane Stewart
2015  Ms. Nancy Silki
2014  Ms. Diane Troyano
2013  Ms. Dalia Cavazos
2012  Alexandra Vance, PharmD
2011  Ms. Nancy Silki
2010  Ms. Andrea Searcey
2009  Carola Miner, RN
2008  Alexandra Vance, PharmD
2007  Susan Ebbinghouse
2006  David A. Wilmot
2005  -No Information Available-
2004  Tommy Robinson & Marie Fropes