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DCMS News Appearances

DCMS member physicians are a go-to source for First Coast media outlets on a variety of healthcare topics. Here are some recent news stories featuring our members:



August 17, 2020
Can some people spread COVID-19 more readily than others?
Mobeen Rathore, MD

July 22, 2020
Medical experts worry about vaccine trust as a COVID-19 vaccine is in development
Sunil Joshi, MD

July 6, 2020
Florida doesn't release number of recovered COVID-19 patients
James St. George, MD

June 27, 2020
African dust to thin next week
Sunil Joshi, MD

May 29, 2020
Doctors see 'dramatic increase' in children with ATV injuries
Marie Crandall, MD

May 20,2020
Wolfson Children's Hospital investigating possible cases of child illness tied to COVID-19
Mobeen Rathore, MD

May 14, 2020
Local doc helps expand field of emergency medicine in Africa
Elizabeth DeVos, MD

April 26, 2020
COVID-19 questions and answers
James St. George, MD

April 17, 2020
'We've reached our peak:' Jacksonville doctor praises city, state for flattening COVID-19 curve
Sunil Joshi, MD

April 17, 2020
Dr. Wellford died in 1877 - his story lives on
Featuring George Trotter, MD, Mark Dobbertien, DO, & Jeffrey Levenson, MD

April 11, 2020
Jacksonville Doctor: Florida COVID-19 cases expected to peak in 10 days
Sunil Joshi, MD

April 6, 2020
Fight against COVID-19 taking its toll on Northeast Florida health care workers on the front lines
James St. George, MD

March 24, 2020
How to tell the difference between symptoms of allergies & COVID-19
Sunil Joshi, MD

March 23, 2020
COVID-19 Discussion on First Coast Connect
James St. George, MD

March 23, 2020
Local Physicians Facing Shortages of Masks
James St. George, MD

March 20, 2020
Letter suggests doctors clean, reuse protective equipment
James St. George, MD

March 13, 2020
Coronavirus Discussion on the WJXT Morning Show
James St. George, MD

March 11, 2020
Coronavirus Q&A Facebook Live with Action News Jax
Sunil Joshi, MD


December 12, 2019
Primary care without a doctor? Could be a reality in Florida if House Bill 607 passes
Mark Dobbertien, DO

December 6, 2019
76% of students absent from St. Johns County school from highly contagious stomach illness
Sunil Joshi, MD

November 25, 2019
Health leader weighs in on vaping and food deserts
Sunil Joshi, MD

November 19, 2019
Action News Jax Investigates: Common medical device could be spying on you in your bedroom
Sunil Joshi, MD

July 23, 2019
The Jacksonville Buzz with Waqas Ahmed from CURA4U
Waqas Ahmed, MD

July 19, 2019
Temperatures rise on repeal of CON laws
Bryan Campbell, DCMS Chief Executive Officer

July 8, 2019
DCMS Foundation President discusses food allergies with Action News Jax
Sunil Joshi, MD

June 27, 2019
DeSantis greenlights the use of telehealth to serve patients remotely
Sunil Joshi, MD

June 19, 2019
Men's Health Month discussion
Christopher Scuderi, MD

June 4, 2019
UF confirms finding 24 students with mumps virus in last 30 days
Mobeen Rathore, MD

June 3, 2019
Common pediatric injuries during summer
Daniel Thimann, MD

May 9, 2019
U.S. won't answer new questions about migrant teen's death
Mobeen Rathore, MD

April 22, 2019
Doctor talks dangers of overuse of antibiotics
Sunil Joshi, MD

April 19, 2019
Jacksonville doctor, breast cancer warrior share advice amid mammography recommendation controversy
Shahla Masood, MD

February 7, 2019
Warm, dry weather leads to early start to allergy season
Sunil Joshi, MD

January 30, 2019
Medical experts say "Buyer Beware" with CBD products
Sunil Joshi, MD

January 22, 2019
Florida lawmakers push to filter water fountains in schools
Sunil Joshi, MD



November 28, 2018
CDC detects seasonal pattern to polio-like illness, local experts urge parents not to panic
Mobeen Rathore, MD

November 25, 2018
Guest column: Physicians are right to seek gun-related research
Sunil Joshi, MD

September 19, 2018
Heat humidity affecting asthma sufferers
Sunil Joshi, MD

August 21, 2018
EpiPen shortage a back-to-school nightmare for parents
Sunil Joshi, MD

May 22, 2018
Future of Healthcare Conference talks center on gun violence, opioid abuse

April 19, 2018
WalletHub study says Florida one of the worst for children's health care
Tra'Chella Johnson Foy, MD

March 9, 2018
Spring pollen plagues allergy sufferers in Jacksonville
Sunil Joshi, MD

February 27, 2018
The age of gene therapy has arrived
Jeffrey Levenson, MD

February 13, 2018
What all parents should know about car seats
Jennifer Fishe, MD

January 10, 2018
Opioid abuse legislation facing resistance from Florida doctors
Alan Miller, MD



December 19, 2017
Pediatric ear infections can lead to long-term problems if untreated
Andrew Simonsen, MD

November 14, 2017
Recognizing concussions: important information for parents and caregivers
Jennifer Fishe, MD

November 8, 2017
Doctor: Not enough males getting HPV vaccines
Mobeen Rathore, MD

November 7, 2017
Seven steps to better eye health
Jeffrey Levenson, MD 

October 24, 2017
Insect bites and stings can be deadly to those with allergies
Steve Dorman, MD

October 2, 2017
Five things everyone should know about breast cancer
Shahla Masood, MD

September 6, 2017
What role have doctors played in creating the opioid crisis?
Sunil Joshi, MD & Parveen Khanna, MD

July 25, 2017
Hemochromatosis: are you an iron man... or woman?
William Palmer, MD

July 18, 2017
New vaccines being tested could protect fetuses from Zika
Mobeen Rathore, MD

June 29, 2017
Discussing the Senate Health Care Bill
Bryan Campbell, DCMS Chief Executive Officer

June 21, 2017
Wolfson Children's Hospital encourages parents to get children vaccinated
Mobeen Rathore, MD

June 20, 2017
Glaucoma is treatable if detected early
David Hayes, MD

June 20, 2017
Boy among 3 attacked by squirrels at Jacksonville park
Mobeen Rathore, MD

June 8, 2017
Doctor shortage: Florida Sen. Bill Nelson introduces legislation to train more physicians
Tra'Chella Johnson Foy, MD

May 23, 2017
Future of Healthcare Conference ends with plan to address issue of food deserts in Jacksonville
Sunil Joshi, MD

May 17, 2017
Future of Healthcare Conference approaching
Sunil Joshi, MD & Bryan Campbell, DCMS Chief Executive Officer

April 10, 2017
904 Mission One Million challenge hits milestone

April 5, 2017
The importance of donor breast milk for preterm babies
Kartikeya Makker, MD

March 30, 2017
Baptist Health joins Mission One Million campaign

March 30, 2017
DCMS Foundation President reacts to Duval County's poor health rankings
Sunil Joshi, MD 

March 29, 2017
Benefits, risks of awake surgery
Ali Kasraeian, MD

March 2, 2017
Antiobiotic-resistant bacteria could cost U.S. an extra $20 billion each year
Mobeen Rathore, MD

February 16, 2017
Experts: Flu season is 'ramping up' in Florida
Mobeen Rathore, MD



December 27, 2016
Doctors say virtual-reality headsets haven't been tested enough
Sunil Joshi, MD

December 13, 2016
First African American woman elected as DCMS President
Tra'Chella Johnson Foy, MD

November 29, 2016
How to combat allergies to Christmas trees
Sunil Joshi, MD

November 15, 2016
Arteries aren't just about heart attacks and strokes
Megan Deacon-Casey, MD

September 11, 2016
35 Jaguars fans hospitalized for heat stress
Sunil Joshi, MD

August 17, 2016
Can't stop coughing? It could have many causes
Ali Zaied, MD &Augustine Lee, MD

May 23, 2016
Discussing weight loss and Mission One Million on The Chat
Tra'Chella Johnson Foy, MD & Bryan Campbell, DCMS Chief Executive Officer

May 14, 2016
Exercising while indulging a bit at the Players
Stephan Esser, MD and Jonathan Kantor, MD

April 19, 2016
Exercise as medicine is a great prescription

April 13, 2016
Medical Society wants Jacksonville to lose one million pounds

April 8, 2016
Mayorthon and push for area to lose one million pounds

City leaders announced Mission One Million

April 7, 2016
Jacksonville taking steps to promote exercise, nutrition
Sunil Joshi, MD

April 7, 2016
Mission One Million launch
Sunil Joshi, MD

April 7, 2016
Guest Column: Our mission is one we should choose to accept - it's to make our region healthier
Sunil Joshi, MD

April 6, 2016
Meet NED, a survivor's best friend
Shyam Paryani, MD

March 23, 2016
Discussion of County Health Rankings
Bryan Campbell, DCMS Chief Executive Officer

March 16, 2016
St. Johns County ranks first in Florida health
Sunil Joshi, MD

March 7, 2016
Doctors see spoke in Northeast Florida flu cases
Mobeen Rathore, MD

February 23, 2016
Fla. Gov. Rick Scott directs public health emergency to be declared in 4 counties for Zika virus
Mobeen Rathore, MD

February 3, 2016
Health officials: 9 cases of Zika in Florida
Mobeen Rathore, MD

February 2, 2016
How much sleep should your child be getting?
Mariam Louis, MD

January 27, 2016
How to stay healthy, comfortable inside during winter
Mobeen Rathore, MD

January 26, 2016
Exercise and vein health: what you should know
Megan Deacon-Casey, MD 


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