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117 Ways Doctors and Healthcare Organizations can Lower Stress and Prevent Burnout

Nearly 90% of physicians feel stressed every day, report says

Stress Basics


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Medscape National Physician Burnout & Depression Report 2018

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Physician Burnout Courses


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Emotionally Resilient Living

Your 4 AM Buddy


Teaching Doctors to be Mindful

How Mindfulness Can Make for Better Doctors

A Multi-center Study of Physician Mindfulness and Health Care Quality


How Do Some Physicians Avert Burnout?

  • Exercise
  • Have autonomy, flexibility, or both
  • Maintain a sense of accomplishment - even joy
  • Manage expectations and have a positive outlook
  • They like their patients
  • Have supportive colleagues, family, or both
  • Work in a good environment
  • Work part time or locum tenens
  • Able to balance home & work life

Advice From YOUR Peers: 

  • Count your blessings!
  • Don't watch the news if you want to be happy -- OK, maybe a little.
  • Don't take your computer home. 
  • Stay at work til 6pm if need be to finish your work, but when you go home, BE at home.
  • Medicine is hard, but it is critical to regain physician control of the process of treating patients.
  • Make yourself happy & do the job; otherwise, you're doing something wrong.