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COVID-19 Physician Resource Center



Visit our DCMS Telehealth resource page for information on insurance, HIPAA, telemedicine vendor options, news, and other helpful articles.

Testing & medical supplies

The DCMS has a supply chain for members to obtain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies including KN95 face masks, disposable medical gowns and latex rubber gloves, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, face shields, and more. For details, click here.

Latest optimization strategies for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from the CDC.

Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of Facemasks

Recommended Guidance for Extended Use and Limited Reuse of N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators in Healthcare Settings

Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Healthcare Settings

Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of Eye Protection

Who Needs PPE? Health Care Supply of PPE



For the latest from the CDC, click here.

Tools for Your Use:



For the latest from the Florida Department of Health, click here.


For the latest from the CMS, click here.


For the latest from the AMA, click here.


Required Workforce Poster

The Department of Labor ("DOL") released a Workplace Poster for employers regarding COVID-19 and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act ("FFCRA" or "the Act"). Pursuant to the FFCRA, employers must post a notice to current employees informing them of their rights under the Act. All covered employers are required to post a notice of the FFCRA requirements in a conspicuous place on its premises where it is visible to all current employees. If employees are teleworking, an employer may satisfy this requirement by emailing or direct mailing this notice to all of its current employees or posting this notice on an employee information internal or external website. Employers are not required to post this notice in multiple languages.

The poster can be found online at:


COVID-19 Related Tax Credits for Required Paid Leave Provided by Small & Midsize Businesses

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act ("FFCRA"), signed by President Trump on March 18, 2020 provides small and midsize employers refundable tax credits that reimburse them, dollar-for-dollar, for the cost of providing paid sick and family leave wages to their employees for leave related to COVID-19. Learn more by clicking here


Emergency Fund Disbursements

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the immediate disbursement of the first $30 billion out of the $100 billion that Congress allocated to hospitals, physicians and other health care providers in the Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Learn more by clicking here


In an effort to facilitate continuous patient care during quickly changing scenarios that are arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, DEA has issued two exceptions to regulations for DEA-registered hospital/clinics:

  1.  Utilize alternate satellite hospital/clinic locations under their current DEA registrations (no need to apply for a separate DEA registration for the alternate site). 
  2.  Distributors can ship controlled substances directly to these alternate satellite hospital/clinic locations, even though these locations do not have their own DEA registrations (non-registered).

These two exceptions are in effect from April 10, 2020, until the public health emergency declared by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) ends, unless DEA specifies an earlier date.  

The first attached letter sets forth the above exceptions and lists conditions that must be met in order to receive controlled substances at a non-registered alternate satellite hospital/clinic. The first set of conditions pertains to what the DEA registered hospital/clinic needs to do to implement a non-registered alternate satellite hospital/clinic, along with recordkeeping procedures. The second set of conditions pertains to the delivery and receipt of the controlled substances at the non-registered alternate satellite hospital/clinic. As outlined in the letter, DEA registered hospital/clinics, as well as distributors of controlled substances, will need to coordinate with their local DEA offices.  

The second attached letter is more for your information, and provides an exception for signing an invoice at the time of receipt of controlled substances at an Opioid Treatment Center (OTP).                     


Visit our COVID-19 Business Directory for information on services available to our DCMS members during the COVID-19 crisis. This includes banking/finance, communications, marketing/advertising, and telemedicine services.