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DCMS Foundation


The Duval County Medical Society Foundation serves to improve the TOTAL health of North Florida by furthering community health education AND AWARENESS, AND enhancing health safety net organizations.

The DCMS Foundation was established by the Duval County Medical Society in 1959 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation supported by the Northeast Florida community.

The Foundation has embarked on the Mission First campaign to improve health on the First Coast through several initiatives including the LifeBridge: Confidential Physician Counseling program and the annual Future of Healthcare Conference.


A Campaign for Mission First:

Increased philanthropy through the campaign, Mission First, helps support our key programs. Donations can be made at

Future of Healthcare Conference:

The DCMS Foundation leads the discussion on improving healthcare in Northeast Florida through the annual Future of Healthcare Conference. The Conference brings together local, state, and national thought leaders in medicine, medical research, business, public policy, technology, and other fields are address the issues adversely affecting Northeast Florida. The goal is to encourage the strategic thinking in tackling the region's most pressing health problems. Conference attendees include healthcare professionals, community leaders, local politicians, and representatives from non-profit organizations.  

Topics covered during the Conference have included the opioid epidemic, gun violence, food deserts, mental health, and obesity.   

The goal of the Conference is to not only discuss critical topics impacting healthcare, but to find solutions. Following the inaugural Conference, a Food Deserts Public Policy Coalition was formed with a mission of improving access to healthy food items in the underserved areas of Duval County. The strategic outcome of the 2018 Conference will be to form a coalition that will make the repeal of the Dickey Amendment a campaign issue in federal races this October.  

LifeBridge: Confidential Physician Counseling:

There is national recognition that mental health risks have increased significantly among healthcare workers. Physician burnout and its complication are the number one threat to a physician's medical career. This may lead to lower levels of patient care, more medical errors, and higher rates of staff turnover, disruptive behavior, substance abuse, and even suicide.

Recognized by DCMS members as one of the top member benefits, LifeBridge: Confidential Physician Counseling provides support and resources for members suffering from burnout, family issues, or other difficulties. The program provides free and confidential counseling services to DCMS members in need. No medical record is created. A 24/7 appointment line is available to DCMS members at (904) 447-LIFE.

Physician Education:

The DCMS Foundation is committed to the continuing education of its members and provides free CME opportunities for members in areas mandated by the State of Florida Board of Medicine to obtain and retain medical licensure. These opportunities are available through the DCMS website at 


904 Mission One Million:

904 Mission One Million (M1M) is a movement founded by the DCMS Foundation and co-chaired by City of Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry and DCMSF President Dr. Sunil Joshi. M1M is a challenge to the people living in the 904 area code to lose one million pounds over the next few years! The Foundation recognizes that our metropolitan area delivers a great deal of healthcare—over $1 billion in 2016—yet, Duval County's ranking among Florida counties is 42 out of 67 in terms of health.

Visit our website at 


2019 Foundation Officers & Board of Directors:


President: Sunil Joshi, MD

Secretary/Treasurer:  Todd Sack, MD


Board of Directors:

Mr. Doug Baer

Mr. Richard Brock

Ruple Galani, MD

Trachella Johnson Foy, MD

Ms. Mia Jones

Ms. Bonnie Upright

Audrey Wooten, MD


Want More Information?

Please contact the DCMS office for information about the DCMS Foundation at 904-355-6561 or